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. >> maryland achieves and knee- jerk achievement. education week magazine has named the school -- a major achievement. education week magazine has been the school the best and the nation for the fifth year in a row. >> maryland hangs on to its no. 1 ranking. >> obviously we are delighted maryland has identified as number one by quality council. >> she is in charge of what students are learning across the state, but she says there is enough credit to go around. >> it gives the opportunity to recognize stakeholders across the state to have really worked together to make this the number one school system. >> as you look at this year's results, would you say there is room for improvement? >> the work is not done. certainly the focus on on eliminating the achievement gap. every parent, every educator, every child deserves to have the very best school in his or her community. >> maryland received nothing more than a b grade in a number of academic categories. it landed an a in several categories including work force policies. >> how tough is it to remain no. one year after year? >> we want to m
of education. congratulations new vice president fewer. don't mean to interrupt you while you are eating. and of course president norton, i believe president of the school board is the highest that anyone norton has risen since joshua crowned himself emperor. >> there is hope for me yet. >> we are talking about substitutes and like san francisco the sub -- substitutes are part of the union. they keep the classes going when teachers cannot be present. substitutes are the vice presidents for every teacher ready to step in and carry on if an emergency occurs. substitutes are the relief pitcher in the baseball of education. substitutes are the understudies to the teachers that star on stage. in california there are several categories of substitutes. we will talk about core substitutes and return to other substitute issues at future meetings. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, i am irvin. i am one of 15 core substitute teachers. we work at schools often covering the most difficult classrooms in the district. core substitutes are credentialed and certified. or average time in the
. >> education week magazine has named maryland the number 1 school system in the country for the fifth year in a row. >> maryland received a final overall grade of b-plus, the best in the nation. >> we are delighted that maryland has been identified as number one. >> judy is in charge about what students are learning across the state. she says there's enough credit to go around. >> stakeholders have worked together to make this the number 1 school system in the country for the fifth year in a row. >> would you say there's room for improvement? >> the work is not done. eliminating the achievement gap. every parent and educator and child deserves to have the best school in his or her community. >> maryland receives nothing more than a b grade in the categories. how tough is it to remain number 1? >> we're committed to making sure the children of maryland have the best education. can we say we will always be number one? of course not. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tim will have more tonight at 5:00 p.m. schools no longer in session for 1000 students in maryland. >> jennifer franciotti has
of equal access to quality education for all of its students. effectiveness of core substit e substitutes could be improved if their jobs were assigned no later than the night before. that was always practiced before previous years. currently jobs are assigned on the morning of the assignment. despite all reasonable efforts to reach the sights on time. it may be that we arrive late, this creates stress for the school staff and disrupts the student's learning routine. thank you. >> good evening commissioners. congratulations president norton and vice president fewer. and good evening superintendent. my name is darlene ania, and i am here today in my capacity as vice president of substitutes with uesf. i wish to direct attention to a problem that has impacted our students and schools for the entire fall semester. though initial steps have been taken to remedy this situation, i believe that this is an important issue which should be kind of spotlighted right now. so we don't have this same problem next year. the problem is an i.t. problem. the system was not inputting critical information on
not addressing the costs of education at all. it is about increasing government funding to help students go to school. we need to be focusing on and we need to be focusing on what are the costs that can be reduced to bring these costs down, make schools more competitive, so students have a competitive choice of which university to go to. >> we will let you go, as we hear from traunch mitchell. -- josh mitchell. >> a lot of schools are starting to increase things at a faster pace. i think there is so much scrutiny these days. it is kind of like health care. why are costs rising? i think they're going to start to see a lot of pressure from congress to rein in their costs. >> josh mitchell writes for "the wall street journal," and thanks for spending the last half hour with us. >> yes. >> and we appreciate all of your phone calls, comments on twitter, and the conversation continues online, and the question we have been asking is, how much debt is worth going into college? [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013
a little more sleep can improve student health and education. the school board wonders if this idea will and to be expensive. >> seven 17 a.m. that is when school begins and anne arundel county. according to research, it is the early as wake up all in the state. heather leads the group start school later, which now has chapters in many states. she is petitioning to the school board with signatures to let students sleep in a bit longer. >> we know the health impacts of sleep approbation that the kids are experiencing. it is quite experience. some of the long-term impacts are not know. >> bus pickup times can be as early as i 50 a.m. that is dark in the winter. that is a safety issue. >> no student should be on a bus earlier than 7 a.m. and not earlier than 8 a.m. in a classroom. dr. owen says it is well- documented that in adolescents body chemistry affects their sleep. >> there is a natural shift in wake and sleep time that is associated with problems of teenagers getting to sleep much before 11 p.m. they simply cannot small -- they cannot fall asleep. >> high school as an middle sc
can we get a good education for kesean? how can we plan alternative for what is not providing him with a challenged or adequate education? any places for me to pursue this? >> we have you get with the chief of staff, and have the middle schools to follow up with you. >> to whom do i give this? thank you. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen of the board of education. i hope you remember me from last time. two minutes was not enough. i am back. i would like to address any questions you have concerning nonviolent parenting and what is the obstacle of having these installed in the schools. the problem question is what happens when a child makes a mistake over and over. the response to that question is that you make a new rule until that child continues the behavior. and they compensate their victims, and being punitive. hopefully this is a behavior they will adopt as adults. another frequently asked question, what is a mistake. we define a mistake for a small child as dangerous or destru destructive. as they get older we expand mistake in ethical violations and moral violations and b
and killed. >> in tonight's education alert, for the fifth consecutive year, maryland ranked the no. 1 school system in the nation according to "education week" magazine. tim tooten has the story we first brought you today. this is getting to be old hat, isn't it? >> martineau mallee -- martin o'malley taking on critics of the school's success. >> we students show our appreciation by working hard. >> it was a celebration of the state's new ranking at the jones elementary school. that is when governor martin o'malley showed up to celebrate. >> as a result of our top choices, maryland public schools have been named for the fifth year in a row the number one public schools in america. maryland received an overall grade of b-plus. an a for transition and alignment, which tests college readiness and childhood education. a b for maths. among other grades, a b for k-12 achievement, which tracks all students perform on national tests. a b for standards, assessments, and accountability programs. >> it is just wonderful. is -- it is historic for our educators. >> maryland is among those celebrating the
was an administrator in north carolina and was the national alliance of black school educators superintendent of the year. we have elizabeth celania-fagen -- liz fagen, douglas county superintendent of schools. she was superintendent of tucson unified. a beacon of education reform by arne duncan. david coleman, president of the college board. he co-founded student achievement partners. he was recognized as one of 11 education act of this. he was new school change agent of the year. he has set a high bar. always a mistake. john deasy, los angeles unified superintendent of schools, second largest system in the country. he was deputy director of education for the bill and melinda gates foundation. he is remembered as the hard- charging superintendent of the prince george's county schools. we have joanne weiss, chief of duncan. army duncane she ran the race to the top program, getting that off to a widely heralded start. ceo at the new schools venture fund. let's get this started. lost angeles is wrestling with a number of challenges. there are concerns about the reform. of where does it intersec
" magazine says maryland has the best public schhols in the nation. 3 but some education experts are questioning the raaking... 33 explain... whh ttey believe the magazine failed to ttke into account some iiportant -3 informatiin..- 3 no one is questioning maryland's financial 3&pstate legislature has routinell invested millions into programs, school buildings ann teaccer 3 bbddet cutsselsewhere.but how muchhdoessthe money matter... 3 struggling to read and - write???? 3 governor o'malley- is of course -celebrating the survey resuuts.. he visitee withhteachers nd studdnts t jones elementaay school todayy in severna park... here they posed for pictures wiih big foamie - fingers... indicating maryland's number one status. but experts at the "center - for education reform",,is - based in bethesda......say the 3 pmppovvegrades, grrduation rates, and close the achievement gaap for minority and low-income students.they saa maryland has foccsed too much on fundinn rather than reform. 3 < ""hat's not how you fix school, you fix schools by raisinn the
. >> in tonight's education alert, maryland schools continue their winning streak. they were named number one in the nation for the fifth year in our wrote. the system got a final grade of b-plus, but received no marks lower than a b. state school officials say there's still plenty of room for improvement. the top honor for a maryland scientist from the white house. >> he is one of 12 researchers been awarded this year's national medal of science. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with that story. big news for him, sam. >> he is a distinguished professor of physics, but his resume also includes a seat on the state board of education. the national medal of science from the white house is one of the highest honors given to scientists, engineers, and inventors. dr. gates is the author of more than 200 publications. he has been a member of the state school board since 2009. he says it is a nice surprise. >> the personal meaning i take from it is in order to get this sort of recognition, some of the world's best physicists had to support the research program i had been pursuing. that kind of affi
is not done. the focus is on eliminating the achievement gap. every parent, educator, and child deserves to have the best school in his or her community. >> maryland received nothing lower than a b grade in a number of academics categories. how tough is it to remain number one? >> we're committed to making sure the children of maryland have the best education. can we say we will always be number one? of course not. but we will always strive to be number one. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tim love much more at 5:00 p.m. -- tim will have much more coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> and rock council has 45 new board-certified teachers -- and around the accounting now has 45 new board-certified teachers. >> it is the highest teaching credential in the nation that you can earn. >> the board acidification is valid for 10 years. >> schools is out for more than 1000 students across maryland. a trade school has shut down without warning. jennifer franciotti has more on that story. >> not even an e-mail. the students came to class yesterday not knowing their school would be shut down. there was a no
educational building will soon be equipped with computers for student and offer academic tutoring plus art and dance classes. >> in baltimore, obesity, diabetes are big issues. we believe it's important for mind, body and spirit to have things such as this. >> reporter: students are excited about the opportunities. >> now students can work on their projects outside of school. now they don't have an excuse because the city of baltimore is supporting them. >> reporter: another community partnership making a difference. >>> the educational building should be completed within three weeks to allow students taking classes. 15 schools are using the facility. >>> it's a shutout. some of baseball's biggest stars will not be getting into the hall of fame in coopers town. no player received enough votes to make this into cooperstown. 37 names were on the ballot including barry bonds, roger clemons, all embroiled in that steroid scandal and two of faced perjury charges. former red sox and oral pitch curt schilling was on the ball -- orioles pitcher curt schilling was on the ballot. >> there's a differ
the proper training, schooling education, background to monitor 40 children. >> reporter: police have not released the video and not given out many details about the alleged assault. detectives believe there may be other victims anyone with information is asked to contact the prince georges county child and vulnerable adult unit. go to to find out how to call police and remain anonymous. >>> more on a story you fist heard on fox -- first heard on fox 5. a dc police officer charged with having sex with an under aged girl he met in a church choir. a woman came forward last march and accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was 11 years old he was director of a youth choir at a southeast dc church she sang in it. the abuse lasted two years. >>> health alert, people across the country have been hit with fever, chills and severe cough. flu outbreak has spread to almost every state. in maryland emergency room visits are skyrocketing. the strain of flu is hitting earlier and causing severe symptoms. audrey. >> reporter: health officials say this could be the worst flu seas
to educction week" magazine. it'ssthe fifth consecutivv year for the top honor.but some education experts are qqestioning that ranking..- ranking.of course - governor o'malley is celebrating he state's staaus. he visitedd with teachers and studdntt today at jones elementary school in severna park. o'malley says he's ppouu of the schools - and the pprents who've bn involved.but crittcs say state leaaers are schools rather than promoting grades and graduation rates. state investments in education was among heetop ccittria for still has a significant achievement gap mong minnrity and low-income students. 3 <"wwen you look at the entire state from kenttcounty to prince george's county... can barely read, write, spell nd do matt ppoficiently.">>- proficiently."> theegoveenor addits there's still work to do... bt says teachers, students and parents achievement. 3 that brings us to our question 3 maryland schools are the best in the nation? nation? 3 head to facebook and search pox 45. like our page then day to see what parrntt aae saying about our schools. 3
incorporate themselves into the whole education process, because they don't have the ability to maximize all the education they're receiving because they can't go to college or they feel like they can't do this because they don't have a social security card or can't apply for financial aid. it seems like, i'm going to go to work in a few minutes, and a lot of my kids are going to learn what i'm going to teach today and they won't feel like they can do anything with it. host: has it changed since the -- since president obama announced this defered deportation -- >> caller: i have a few -- a lot of the kids i teach aren't old enough yesterday to apply for the document. i teach middle school, but a lot of them are looking at the document as a way to get around that. but it's just the fact that, you know, we have people that i hear every day, and, you know, they were brought here -- everybody was brought here, you know what i mean? it just doesn't seem like we should be able to find a way to fully incorporate them. you know, just find a way to make them citizens just like and you myself and we c
years and remained seller. let's take them one at the time. work first over education training. offering adult welfare recipients education and training may sound nice, but study after study has shown that it doesn't work. the key has been to require 100 percent engagement in work or work-life activity. in force consequences for families. in order to receive the government's cash assistance, welfare applicants or recipients have got show up and show us they're actively engaged in work or getting there and we will honor they are doing this. strong antifraud measures. welfare programs cannot be naive about the capacity of citizens to try to get it over on the system. we are not afraid to check asset and income, residency, and identity to be be sure the taxpayer funded benefits are going those who legitimate qualify. and performance-based contracts. we pay our not for profit private sector vendors. they were one of the fist social agency to use 100% performance-based contract to provide performance. and we continue do so today. now there is another element of our success that i want to give
in the nation. this is the fifth year in a row. that distinction comes from the education week magazine. governor martin o'malley and other state leaders traveled to the elementary school outside annapolis to mark the big achievement. >> you know here in maryland, we value the teaching profession. and we value the men and women who go into our public schools every single day and do their very best to give you the best education that they could possibly give to you. >> and now these latest figures show that the students are graduating from the maryland high school at a record rate. >>> the oscar nominations, they are out. and three d.c.-based films are out for best pictures, but one of them isn't even in theaters until tomorrow. we'll have more on the controversy surrounding the countdown to zero dark 30. topper? >>> well, it's mild out here, but if you're headed out, grab at least a light jacket. we'll show you the temperatures. still primarily in the 50s across the metro area. 49 down in bethesda and 50 on the dot here in fairfax. we'll come back and talk about if these clouds are goin
up from this location all the way down to eastern avenue. >> now on the education alert, top honors for more than 200 verlaine schoolteachers. they are down nationally board certified. now nationally board certified. >> it turns out there are five in one school alone. mothers fail elementary. -- millers dale elementary. >> it is the highest teaching credential in the nation you can earn. it is a voluntary credential that teachers undertake. >> that board certification is valid for 10 years. right now maryland has more than 2400 board certified teachers. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmire. >> a week frontal boundary moving across the area today. it did produce light rain towards the middle part of the day. a little thought of yellow. showers might have come down stronger. it did not produce a whole lot of rain. officially at the airport, nothing but trouble. just a trace. it may have had a slightly heavier shower in your backyard tree the middle part of the day. no measurable rain so far this year. that will probably change on friday. only 49 after a morn
for the pakistani girl who fought for education for other girls and was shot by the taliban. >> of the springfield hey, look! a shooting sr! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i sh this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0irst month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> it seems the serial groper may have struck again. >> it has been a few weeks, but the latest incident occurred yesterday on briarwood court. >> natasha barrett is live and annandale with the latest. >> all of the other incidents have happened in springfield right before christmas and earlier in the fall, but the man behind this does it the same way every time. he takes advantage of women by themselves, either early in the morning or at night. this time it happened i
as an education plan that includes teacher pay raises, new teacher jobs, and greater investment in charter schools. he urged the general assembly to put politics aside and get to work. >> if politics trumps effective governing, we all lose. if we are remembered at all, then we will all be remembered for what we actually get done. not what we promise to do. >> mcdonnell also wants to eliminate the gas tax and make up for the difference by slightly raising the sales tax. >>> this morning, 44 states are reporting widespread flu cases. in boston, thing are so bad the mayor is declaring a state of emergency there. the city already has 700 flu cases including four deaths. that's up tenfold from last year's flu season total. in southeastern virginia, hospitals in the hampton roads area urging all patients and visitors to wear masks while in facilities there. the best advice doctors are giving now is to get a flu shot now. >>> two construction workers from our area are dead after being hit by a car in a work zone. 42-year-old luis tadeo of bowie and 40-year-old victor jackson of northeast washington were
challenges. the panel includes people from law enforcement education, and the father of a virginia tech student killed in the 2007 shooting. the first meeting will be held on monday. the ohio firearms association says it wants to train teachers across the state to carry weapons in schools. the program is being offered for free for teachers and staff who already have a concealed weapons permit. >> president obama is expected to announce jack lew as his choice to be the next treasury secretary. there is no word officially on the appointment yet, but sources say the president will likely nominate him as early as tomorrow. he has exper both the public and private sector and is the current white house chief of staff. >> hillary clinton is speaking out for the first time since returning to work this week. today she talked about her plans for the time she has left in office. >> i am very much looking forward to doing everything we can the last few weeks to resolve and finish up wherever possible and then to have a very smooth, seamless transition to senator kerry to continue the work. >> secre
's take them one at a time. work first over education. offering adult welfare recipients education and training may sound nice, but study after study has shown it doesn't work. the key to spend to acquire 100% engagement in work or work like activity. in force consequences for families who comply. in order to receive the government's cash assistance, welfare applicants or recipients have got to show up and shows that they are actually engaged in work, or getting work. we will vigorously monitor that. strong anti-fraud measures. welfare programs cannot be naÏve about the capacity of citizens to deceive or try to get over on the system. we are not afraid to check assets and income and residencies and identity to be sure taxpayer funded benefits of going to those who legitimately qualify. and performance-based contracts. we pay our not-for-profit and private sector vendors for accomplishment. hra was when the first social service agencies that use 100% of performance these contracts to provide employment services to welfare recipients, and we continue to do so today. there is another
want to change that. today the education and youth committee of the baltimore city council will convene to hear the bill on speed and red light camera monitoring. >> now the legislation requires quarterly reports of all tickets issued to yellow school bus drivers serving city students. baltimore city public school officials and transportation officials will be at the hearing today. bus contractors and parents are also invited to share comments and suggestions at that hearing. it's at city hall starting at 4:00 this afternoon. >>> well, some of your kids may already be waking up for school this morning. and some of you just think it's too early. well, today people living in anne arundel county are delivering a petition to the superintendent of schools hoping a later start time. schools in the county start at 7:17. the earliest time in the entire state. and amongst the earliest nationwide. so parents want the schools to start no earlier than 8:00 in the morning. both health and education experts say that research shows starting school that early is not good for adolescents' mental and phy
tax in virginia and make up the difference by raising the sales tax. he also pushed for an education plan that includes teacher pay raises, new teacher jobs, and greater investment in charter schools. >>> a new law in the district is trying to crack down on drunk drivers. anyone convicted of driving under the influence can be ordered to use ignition lock devices even if it's their first offense. the devices prevent a car from starting unless the driver proves that he or she has not been drinking. the law also increases the penalties for driving drunk when a child in the car. it will also be easier for district police to tell if a driver has been drinking. the city unveiled new breath test machines yesterday. the machines replace faulty equipment that force d.c. to abandoned the test four years ago. police will use them to catch drunk drivers throughout the city. >> i don't think there's an acceptable excuse for. it someone who's driving under the influence or driving drunk is actually like a moving missile. >> about 1,400 people were arrested last fall in a crackdown from halloween t
by the publication education week. maryland was given a b. plus compared to the nation's overall average of c. plus. the state received its highest marks for emphasis on early childhood education and preparing students for college and on for work. >>> well, how early is too early to send the child off to school? some parents in anne arundel county tea say that catching that bus ten minutes before 6:00 in the morning is too much. they started an online petition to push back the start of the school time to 8:00 in the morning. they say right now, high school classes start at 7:17. and many students board the buses before 6:00. organizers plan on delivering the petition to the school board today. we'll let you know how it goes. >>> the flu is spreading very aggressively and already 2200 people across the united states have been hospitalized. here in maryland, the cases are pretty widespread too. and abc2 news health reporter linda so has the latest on the flu outbreak and how you know if you have it because sometimes linda, people ignore the symptoms and they don't know what's going on with them. >> r
$44,500. that outpaces the average salary. education, business majors are the biggest average starting pay. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> thank you very much. have a great day. >> keith mills examines one of the secret weapons in sports. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think is the key to a ravens win in denver tomorrow? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. a little busy out there in carroll county. there is a closure along 97 at old liberty. there is an accident blocking all lanes. 65 on 70 in towards 29. running smoothly overall. a nice start on 70 into the beltway. we have an accident in dundalk. flashing lights and not impacting traffic. southbound traffic in great shape on 95. philadelph
to celebrate. >> the people of our state not only understand the connection between education and economy but they have been willing to make the tough decisions necessary to invest in their children's education even as we cut everything else. >> so virginia schools came in fourth place this year. d.c. schools came in 45th in the nation. schools are ranked based on achievement, a student's chance at success and other categories. >> the tolls will not be lowered any time soon. critics argue that many drivers avoid the i.c.c. because it costs too much but they won't cut toll. it was used to generate more than $18 million in the first year but it actually made more than $19 million. montgomery councilman phil andrews argue more daily commuters would take the i.c.c. if it did not cost so much. >> this is the only toll facility where regular commuters don't get a deep discount. on the bay bridge they get a 75% discount. >> state officials sent andrews a letter denying his request to cut the cost of the toll saying the tolls are appropriately set. >> it is time
not tighten up our infrastructure, our education. we are 25th in math. it is unreal. where do they think we will grow if we have nothing to show? we have idiots in congress. there is more greek than anything else. host: you mentioned the republican position on future taxes. here is what the washington post says -- this is from abc's this week with george stephanopoulos. --nator mcconnell said jen, maryland, democrat. what do you think about tidying spending to a debt limit increase? caller: i do not think we have the correct information to make that decision. the us government does not have a rational accounting system. if we buy a house, we fund it with debt over time. we borrow. in the us, if we build a road, we pay out-of-pocket cash. we have an accounting system that treated infrastructure and associated the cost of that with the debt. where are we? are we spending current s?penses >> we do not kno we do not know. host: do you think that is likely to happen? what would you do? what would you practically do to change things? caller: i would try to get that type of accounting system in pl
by slightly raising the state's sales tax. he also pushed for an education plan that includes teacher pay raises, new jobs, and investment in charter schools. >>> a new crackdown on drunk drivers is underway in the district. a new law signed by mayor gray yesterday means anyone convicted of driving under the influence can be ordered to use ignition lock devices if it's -- even if it's their first offense. the devices prevent a car from starting unless the driver proves that he or she has not been drinking. the law also increases the penalties for driving drunk with a child in the car. >>> testing drivers to see if they have been drinking is also getting easier for d.c. police. the city unveiled new breath machines that replace faulty equipment that forced police to abandon the tests two years ago. new officers will again be able to use the machines to catch drunk drivers throughout the city. >> i don't think there's an acceptable excuse for it. someone who's driving under the influence or driving drunk is actually like a moving missile. >> about 1,400 people were arrested last fall in a c
an accidental erasure. there are too many starts and stops. it sounds to the educated year as if this has been the race eight times. -- erased eight times. someone in camp david or elsewhere erased it. i often wondered if it wasn't one person -- >> was? >> his dear friend and totally deniable. >> if the audience is frustrated by these little clips, the whole interviews are available on our website and the archive and the nixon library. >> you cann get them at >> the interview -- where did you do it? >> the library. one of the things, if you watch these, there is the story of the role woodward and bernstein played. the role the house played and the senate played. the prosecutors, his army of prosecutors. do not forget the role played by republicans in the nixon administration. he was one of them -- he was not alone. we would hear from a few more. >> here he is -- he was at the time? >> deputy attorney general of the united states. >> it was clear he was not going to carry out that order. he turned to me and said, what are you going to do? i told him -- i do not think it is clo
with ideas. how we present things they talk about around the table and talk about educational institutions, likewise they talk about in the field of play that is fair and good and makes this country even stronger. i'm delighted that we've done that today. i appreciate the gentlewoman from rochester for her vigorous analysis today what we need to do looking forward. i'll continue to listen to that and i know the gentle lady will be on the rules committee and i look forward to that service that she will be making. with great enthusiasm, we will move forward in this new congress. madam i yield back the balance of my time. >> the 113th congress convened yesterday. on today's "washington journal," we'll talk about two senators will the legislative agenda for the new congress. republican senator john hoeven of north dakota and then maine senator angus king. also today, the government releases the unemployment report for november. we'll talk about the unemployment numbers and what they mean for the economy with marilyn geewax of npr. >> it's quite true that a people history is the result of how
that freedom requires i would just like to hear your thoughts and education we address the teachers, the curriculum and all these things that are major problems children come to school without virtues and the schools are trying to nurture character and education that i'm not sure you believe the public schools is the place to nurture that were held as our society or culture doesn't march to nurture those virtues. how do we address problems in the schools? can you address these virtues? >> this is a good question. moynihan said the family of the smallest school, and by the time a lot of negligently parenthood to no fault of their others are doing their best, these children go to school and it is too late. i remember chicago school teachers saying she routinely gets first graders who do not know numbers, sheikhs or colors. because she said no one ever cooking dinner turned around and said green round of peace. there are in a culture of silence except for television. showing three runs of jeopardy. as i say, it is america's biggest problem. thank you very much. [applause] >>> what's go
in education from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to meet these challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. let's get started at . >> reporter: >>> looks like a dozen whale trapped in canada are now free. the whales had been trapped for about two days with only a small air hole. a marine expert says the whales are about 600 miles from where they should be this time of year. >>> a nearly 10-foot-long python flew from australia to new guinea not from being inside but on the wing. startled passengers took these pictures. the python is seen battling fear winds. qantas said there was no threat to the passengers but the snake was found dead when they arrived. >>> a nuclear powered u.s. navy submarine struck a fishing vessel. there were no reported injuring. the fishing boat maintained its speed and course, offering no indication of a collision. >>> "cbs moneywatch" time now on a friday. american express announces big job cuts and 2013 could be the year of lower gas prices. ashley morrison is feeling better. she's back with us this morning. good morning. >> i
and education a stretch, at best. >> i wasn't used to tennyson, classic classics, i wasn't used to the workload and demand of students. >> reporter: where the obamas send their two girls, where parents shell out big money for their children to become world leaders, not league mvps. after one year, hart was shown the door. as jr. was faced with finding a new place to get an education you can the school's head master was flooded with hundreds of letters, e-mails, phone calls, all asking to give josh a second chance. not josh the baller though, josh the person they had grown to love. >> i give my head of school a lot of credit for having the courage. a lot of faculties. like i said, not just only the families in the community you can the kids, but people from within that had to make this happen as well. >> kids love him, teachers love him, took him a while to get into sidwell. he loves candy and keeps a bag in his socks of skittles. >> a bag in his socks? >> skittles. >> trick or treat bag. >> tube socks. what's that lump in your sock? >>> still ahead on news4, who gave you the flu? a new appfaceb
, the state's public school system took top honors in a study by education week t looks at education policies and student achievement. maryland received a b plus in the assessment, the only state to do so. trailing maryl massachusetts, new york and virginia which all received a b grading. d.c. schools were given a grade of c minus ranking 45th in the nation. nation. >>> we've been talking about aall morning long. we have been talking about it for several days. rg iii having knee surgery and the doctor expects his recovery to take six to eight months. we are joined by the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. >> good morning to you. >>> kind of a downer all this talk about this bad knee and rg iii. what was your guy's reaction because i haven't talked to you since the game. what was your guy's reaction when you were watching this game and all of this unfold on television. >> you are cringing. you are watching it and drink cringing. my personally, i still wanted to keep him in there because he gave us the best chance to win. i think i was wrong. you are cringing for him. you are watching this supe
. >>> maryland schools are the best in the country. the mag psi "education week" released its annual survey. mar lend is considered to have quality teachers and students who leave high school ready for college. schools in virginia came in fourth. the survey gave that state lower grades based on the early childhood education program and student achievement. d.c. schools were closer to the bottom at number 45 for some of the worst test scores in the country. >>> still ahead on "news4 at 6," two police cars stolen in alexandria. tonight officers say they know who did it. >>> the latest on the flu outbreak. >>> and i'll show you when the up. >>> two men have been arrested for allegedly stealing two alexandria police cars back in december. daniel harris was picked up on sunday during a traffic stop. corey yates was taken into custody earlier this week. both are charged with grand larceny auto. police say they're still looking for the missing shotgun and laptop computer that was in one of the cars. >>> the centers for disease control says this year's flew season is one of the worst in decades. emergen
as the question of repeal moves to the forefront. >> sex education for seniors is more necessary >> a three-month delay for the army private charged in the wikileaks scandal. the judge cited extra time needed to deal with classified information. this limits the possible sentence for bradley manning if he is convicted. he is accused of leaking reams of classified documents to wikileaks. the government claims he knew or should have known it would be seen by al qaeda. alert, thes medical recent cold weather has claimed two more lives in maryland. e total is now up to four. this may surprise you, but older adults living sexually active life style, are giving rise to a growing number of hiv cases. that is why city health officials and those in the private sector trying to spread the word. >> it has been a long time since and jessica hert sat in a sex education class. it is what seniors do not know that has officials concerned. a growing number of adults are being diagnosed with hiv. >> we looked at the numbers of people living with hiv in the city, 2010, and 45% for over the age of 50. we know t
" education week" la cual se encarga de evaluar niveles de calidad educativos estado por estado cada aÑo se toman en cuenta factores como : inversiÓn, rendimiento acadÉmico de los estudiantes y las diferentes polÍticas que apoyan a la educaciÓn, para evaluar a las escuelas factores que tambiÉn han sido prioridad para aquellos que dirigen los sistemas escolares en los diferentes condados del estado.. como lo ha hecho el condado de montgomery .. " el condado de montgomery es el condado mas grande en el estado de maryland , estamos orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes, nuestro Éxito y formar parte del Éxito del estado de maryland" aquellos que lideran la junta de este condado aseguran que la educaciÓn es de suma importancia.. y es por eso que le asigna una cantidad considerable de su presupuesto . " cuando hablamos de educacio Ón sabemos que el sistema escolar del condado de montgomery recibe la mitad del presupuesto total del condado 2 billones de dÓlares " dos mil millones de dÓlares de los que cientos de niÑos hispanos se han beneficiado y lo han reflejado atravÉs de su buen
the ranking because of things like early childhood education and college prep. >> it has been so warm this week it's possible you've turned off the heat in your house. maybe you even have a fan out. will it be warm again. wyatteverhart has a rook at the forecast. >> maryland's most accurate forecast.. >> kelly there will be a chill in the air first thing in the morning but not the kind of cold weather we expect in january. the one thing we'll bring in tomorrow is some additional cloud cover and rain brewing to the west will move in. tonight,temperatures in the low 40s to upper 30s. all of us are falling through 30s overnight toward day braevenlth midday tomorrow, cloudy with with the chance of showers coming in. we'll talk about how fast things clear out and look at a big warm up. >> thanks wyatt. an update now with with speed cameras. tonight a spokeswoman says it still has not determined whether all 83 speed cameras will be replaced. some cameras have issued tickets that should not have been issued. a newcontractor took over the program january -- december 31st. . >> there will
, by thinking about where want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route... leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. >>> this is a story you will be talking about all day. >> you want to share it with everybody you know. a musician and prankster decide to have fun at drive through. take a look. >> this is how the costume looks while i am wearing it. and let's see how people react what car with no driver rolls up to their drive through window. [laughter] >> throw it in here. i am a ghost. >> throw it in here i am a ghost. i like that guy opening and shutting the window. >> every time he will be there. he will be there. >> as if it's going to change. he has a youtube channel with other pranks he's done including one where he does the drive through with a fake hand. >> i saw that one. not nearly as funny but the responses to this and reaction from the people is classic. >> stay with us this morning. >> beyonce does it all and looks great doing it. we know that. now she is being recognized as the title of being smoking hot. >> and all
members and the department of education four times a year. the story on abc2 news of school buses running red lights prompted the baltimore city council to step in. right now, the school system operates some of its own buses but employs contractors. currently, those contractors are not required to report their drivers violations to the school system. a new law would change that and it passed through a city council committee last night. some of the contractors appeared before the city council committee. they say it's hard to keep track of drivers in a bus when a citation was issued. but they agreed the problem need to be addressed. >> you don't ask for references? just like where was your last job? >> i am going to be straight. most of the times you know, they need them like now. >> reporter: now the bill moves ahead to a vote of the full city council which should happen sometime within the next few weeks. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> today governor o'malley will make an announcement dealing with affordable housing. details have not been released but last year around thi
>> some answers in our big story tonight. >> state education officials say there is good news for students with those questions but they are frustrated over the bad news they received as they arrive for class here today. i, students weres - informed that, their school was shut down. >> i was a really learning and all had to stop suddenly. it is kind of frustrating. >> the massachusetts-based school has branches in colombia and silver spring. 1200 students were enrolled in courses ranging from digital media to medical billing. the financial records were regularly monitored. >> the information would signal to us whether or not there were any problems. we did not see any of that. >> what happens to the students? according to the commission, officials were not -- will work with students to organize transcribes to similar programs to trade schools without losing their credit records. >> we're committed to ensuring they complete the training and the intended to complete when they enrolled. it is important a get the skills they need. >> a students can get their tuition money back. an
in 2011, made some comments about education secretary mocking the education secretary's lisp in public and forced to apologize for it saying she was just trying to make light of the situation. you know what? enough is enough. stuart: you won't cut her slack. >> no slack for that one. but on the mayor bloomberg thing, his team has come out and spahned and basically said that the teachers union is exaggerating his comments trying to create a side show because they're walking away from the negotiation table. so, now what? it's just, it's just a whole lot of mess in my opinion. stuart: charles. charles: and lewis is fickle. stuart: it's a strong word. >> a strong word and grotesque person, i'm not talking physically, she should not have any attachment to our children, and she's terrible as far as the mayor is concerned, i think he's playing politics as usual. stuart: much charles, welcome back. and gabby giffords spokesperson for gun control, she says she's told to stay out of newtown, connecticut. we'll tell you why and we've got a debate going on with a gun control advocate. that will be
, the need for poll workers training to be clear and voters to be a better educated. from my perspective those are systems of a system that is not designed for this kind of thing. we are asking pol workers to do more today than was ever contemplated when the idea of having a community poll workers was conceived. in my jurisdiction trying to serve 12 different languages across 4800 different polling places on election day is not a model that is sustainable. >> one last comment before i move on to don rehill, it is very valuable to have individuals like yourself who are both an election official but also a county clerk, engage in the discussion about the next generation of voting systems. for those of us to deal exclusively with voting systems we are a bit myopic at times about where we see government solutions going to. county clerks on the other hand, their offices are filled with applications that provide the kinds of services at a level and a cost point that their constituents are looking for beyond voting systems. i really like that perspective that you bring. as i said earlier many o
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to the educated ear as if this had been erased eight times. so somebody, either in camp david or key biscayne erased it. i often wondered if it was beeby robozo. >> who was? >> richard nixon's dear friend and totally deniable. >> to our audience, if they're frustrated by just these little clips, the whole interviews are available on our website, our video library and a lot of them in the nixon library. >> you can get them at www.nixon-library dot goff. >> william luckles house, did you do that interview? >> sure. i remember it. it was at the library. one of the things -- if you watch these, there is a story of course in the role woodward and bernstein played, very important in baregate and the role the house played and senate played and the prosecutors and cox and his army of prosecutors. don't forget the role played by republicans within the nixon administration who said no. and luckleshouse is one of them. he's not alone and we'll hear from a few of them. >> here is william ruckleshouse. who is number two? >> the secretary-general of the united states. [video clip] >> it was clear he wasn't
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